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How To Survive a Financial Setback Even With Bad Credit

It’s not fun to go through a financial crisis when your credit is not all that good. People who have better credit scores naturally have better financing options. Lenders trust them more so it’s often easier for them to solve their financial woes. This can leave people with bad credit at a disadvantage. But the lending market does not just cater to people with good credit. You can take loans for people with bad credit for different types of financial problems. Fortunately, loans for people with bad credit can be just as easy to avail as loans available for people with great credit. Bad Credit, No Problem You can start fretting about your poor credit because lenders who provide loans for people with bad credit will look past your credit and focus on other aspects of finances, such as your ability to pay the loan back. With that said, you should be ready to supply other financial information, such as your employment and income figure. This way, the lender can easily assess if you can be approved of the loan. Also, loans for people with bad credit have high approval rate even for those with bad credit. There are minimal conditions to satisfy such as being of legal age and having an active bank account, but these are simple requirements. You don’t even need to improve your credit score first before you can qualify for the loan. Conversely, you can even use the loan to improve your credit score. To do this, you just need to observe your due dates and pay the required amount in full each time. With loans for people with bad credit, not only will you be able to surpass your financial problem, but also potentially bring your credit score up along the way.    

Can Buying Groceries at Amazon Save You Money?

You can find many great deals on Amazon. Toys, clothing, lighting, automotive, and even groceries, Amazon sells just about anything you could ever need. There are some amazing deals on this site and they provide free shipping on order over $25 on many of their products. With all of Amazon’s amazing deals, can you save money on groceries by shopping there? Yes and no depending on what you buy. There regular prices on groceries are high, very high in some instances. However, Amazon runs monthly grocery deals. A few examples of these deals are spending $59 on Kellogg’s products get $25 off or spend $49 of General Mills products and get $20 off. I tested this sale out on cereal, since we go through about a box every two days in our house. In my cart, I had Cookie Crisp Cereal, 11.25-Ounce Box, pack of 6, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal, 24.9-Ounce Boxes, pack of 3, and Cocoa Puffs, 11.8-Ounce Boxes, pack of 6. The total was $51.56 before shipping. Luckily, they were eligible for the free shipping. Now for 15 boxes of cereal that would be nearly $3.50 a box, certainly not a good deal. Now after the $20 off coupon code for spending more than $49 my total was $31.56. That is just $2.10 for a box of cereal. That is a decent deal in my opinion and since I did not even have to leave my house, waste gas or my time, I ordered them. Most grocery stores put cereal on sale at 4 boxes for $10 about once a month, sometimes even 5 for $10. You can use coupons at the grocery stores making the deal even better, at Amazon you cannot. There are a few benefits of buying groceries at Amazon. One benefit of grocery shopping […]

How to Save Money on Text Messaging

Text messaging is a very popular trend among teenagers these days. Many of them seem to exceed their limit or get an unlimited texting plan. I have an unlimited texting plan instead of wasting my minutes conversing with someone when I can just text them or chat online with them. There are ways to save money on text messaging. Instant Messengers Phones usually have mobile IM. If you have friends that use instant messengers such as AIM, Skype, MSN, etc…then converse with your friends with your mobile IM instead of texting them. The conversations go much quicker and smoother. I own a Samsung Gravity which has mobile IM and I’m constantly on it, day and night just chatting the day away when I’m out or away from the computer. The only time I text is when my friends text me or they don’t have access to a computer. My friend even got mad at me for texting her when she was online on AIM. Mobile IM can save you a lot of money and it’s fun to use for the first time. Social Networking Sites Phones usually have mobile social networking, such as Facebook Mobile. You can apply the same concept of mobile IM and apply it to Facebook Mobile or Myspace Mobile. Just chat with people on Myspace or Facebook through your phone if they don’t have an instant messenger. Most teenagers usually have a Myspace than an instant messenger. So, if you have mobile IM and/or Myspace Mobile, I highly recommend you talk to people with these applications than texting them. Use AIM to Text Are you home and some of your BFFs aren’t online. Instead of texting them with your phone, just use AIM to send a text message to their phone. It doesn’t cost you a […]

Why Preplanning Meals Saves You Money

I have a big family, and one of the things I have had to do in order to save money is to preplan our meals. My kids come home from school and attack the refrigerator looking for a snack. There were nights that I didn’t know what I was going to cook for dinner, and before I knew it I was spending over $2,000 dollars a month on groceries. This made me take a long look at how I could reduce our food bill. I read online how preplanning meals saves families hundreds if not thousands of dollars, so I decided to give it a try. Below are a few things that I have learned since I started preplanning our meals. How Does Planning Meals Really Save Money? Your kids will know exactly what they can and cannot eat for a snack. They no longer will just grab whatever they find and eat it. When kids don’t know what they can snack on, they could eat something that you had planned to use for a meal. If kids do that, guess what happens? You have to make a trip to the grocery store and buy the item again. You will learn how to plan your meals around food that your family likes. I often found myself making meals that were not enjoyed by everyone in my family. When that happened, I would have to make something else for the person who did not like what I was cooking for dinner on that specific night. Today, I make sure that whatever I cook, everyone will eat it. Weekly sales become your new best friend. I am not kidding! I learned how to scour the flyers that came in the mail (You know what I’m talking about. I used to refer to […]